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APRA Europe Board
  APRA Europe Board
Peter Bartel APRA Europe Board  Peter Bartel
 APRA Europe
 Vice Chairman
 Robert Bosch GmbH,

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Vita of
Peter Bartel

Harald Benninger APRA Europe Board  Harald Benninger
 IKA Industries,
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Vita of
Harald Benninger

Carsten_Buecker_2016.jpg  Prof. Dr.
 Carsten Bücker

 APRA Europe
 BU Drive GmbH,

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Vita of
Carsten Bücker

Ian Buxcey APRA Europe Board  Ian Buxcey

Andrea Gobbi APRA Europe Board  Andrea Gobbi
 Gobbi Spare Parts,

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Andrea Gobbi

Jaroslaw Gora APRA Europe Board  Jaroslaw Gora
 ERA S.p.A.,

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Jaroslaw Gora

Rolf Steinhilper APRA Europe Board  Prof. Dr. Rolf Steinhilper
 University of Bayreuth,

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Rolf Steinhilper

Soren Toft-Jensen APRA Europe Board  Soren Toft-Jensen
 Elstock A/S,

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Vita of
Soren Toft-Jensen

Michael von Linden APRA Europe Board  Michael von Linden
 TRW KFZ Ausrustung GmbH,

Fernand Weiland APRA Europe Board  Fernand Weiland
 FJW Consulting,

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Vita of
Fernand Weiland

Interested parties and APRA members, it is important that you understand what the responsibilities of the board are and who they are:

“Together we can achieve more”, this principle is running at the European Division. It is very important and not difficult to live, because we appreciate very much our board.

All board members do support directly or indirectly the development of our association. They are for other members an example and effective messengers to communicate the objectives and actions of our association.

APRA has to be always on the forefront of any evolution. Therefore the best link between the members and the APRA staff is the APRA board who is responsible to help to make sure that your association takes the right direction.

All board members render also direct services like they sponsor activities such as our web site, they find new members, they do presentations at workshops etc. We have regular fluctuations ensuring that the composition changes constantly, but it has always kept a high degree of competence.

written by Fernand Weiland


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