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APRA's Structure


APRA is divided into geographical regions and technical divisions. Each serves to increase the availability of technical knowledge within a particular product line and to promote its parts.


[picture: remanufactured alternators]


An important activity of each division is the annual meeting. Here, remanufacturers meet with customers and suppliers to exchange information o­n market developments as well as technical and management issues.


These divisions also provide an open forum in which remanufacturers can associate with other industry members to improve their own remanufacturing expertise and expand their product knowledge.


Each year, the European Division organises a symposium [2004 Prag, 2005 Amsterdam, 2006 Warsaw, 2007 Amsterdam, 2008 Warsaw, 2009 Amsterdam], workshop for the different divisions and company visits. Every second year, it organises an exhibition together with RAI Netherlands and F.I.R.M. (European Engine Remanufacturer and Rebuilder Association). Additionally APRA Europe began to organise an internal exposition in 2008 (Warsaw) and continues with another one in 2010 (Budapest).


APRA also maintains two advisory councils. These represent manufacturers supplying the remanufacturing industry and companies that supply cores.

APRA's International Councils and Divisions
  1. Technical Divisions: Air Conditioning Division, Brake System Division, Clutch Division CV & Racks Division, Electrical Division, Engine and Fuel Management System Division, Heavy Duty Brake Division, Heavy Duty Transmission, Driveline & Axle Division, Volume Transmission & Drivetrain Division and new: since 2006 - Mechatronic Division; since 2008 - Automatic Division; since 2009 - Electrical Division
  2. Manufacturer-Supplier Advisory Council
  3. Core-Supplier Advisory Council
  4. Geographical Divisions: USA Division, Canadian Division, Latin America Division and European Division* (which provides you this web site)

*The European Division is part of the global network of APRA but it acts locally in line with its specific European objectives. The division runs its own meetings, workshops, exhibitions, internet site, European office and lobbying activities. It has its own board of directors, which is chaired by Peter Larsen.

There are three European product specific divisions which are headed by their division chairmen:

  • Mechatronics Dicision: Stefan Freiberger, Germany
  • Automatic Transmissions Division: William Henney, Great Britain
  • Electrical Division: Jarek Gora, Italy 
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