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Remanufacturing an automotive part means best quality because it is very much like assembling new parts, except that the components are processed in a different way. It is a process which is close to a manufacturing system.

[picture: remanufactured cv joints and drive shafts]

According to the APRA Recommended trade practice of 21 may 1996 paragraph §1 ( The guidelines about Remanufacturing issued in 1979 by the US Federal Commission are not very dissimilar ):

”Remanufacturing/rebuilding means renovating used vehicle parts (” old units“) in accordance with the generally accepted state of the art so that they can perform their function similar to new o­nes. Remanufacturing/rebuilding regularly consists in dismantling the used aggregate (old unit) into its components, checking these components, repairing defective components or replacing them, replacing missing components, cleaning all components, reassembling the aggregate, readjusting as necessary and submitting it to a final test. The components used for replacement may be new or rebuilt.”

The part will be assembled in such a manner that it returns to its original status and that it will perform as before (in certain cases even better). Remanufacturing is a thorough process which consists of many steps which are all checked for quality (see graph below).

For reasons of product liability, possible trade mark infringements and last but not least Customer protection, the units should be marked according to the APRA trade practice paragraph 7:

” disclosure o­n the remanufactured products itself, that the product has been remanufactured

and by whom, should be firmly connected to the product in a durable manner.”

This process will enable the buyer to trace back to the origin of the remanufacturer in case of a Warranty claim. Warranty conditions are customarily the same as for new products. By following all these APRA recommendations the Remanufactured product has a level of quality comparable to new o­nes.

Regarding the European Commission’s regulations in the context of ELV legislation (End of Life Vehicle) paragraph 7.1, 7.4 and 7.5, Remanufactured parts processed as described above, will, according to APRA, fulfil the Commission’s requirements in terms of environment and safety.


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