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More to reman than vehicles by Automotive and Heavy Duty Remanufacturing

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More to reman than vehicles by Automotive and Heavy Duty Remanufacturing

Together, automotive and Heavy Duty remanufacturing represent the largest sector within European remanufacturing. For most products the segments continue to grow because of the rising cost of materials, energy and maintenance on a global scale. Other reasons include the desire to reduce vehicle downtime, lack of component availability, general scarcity of resources and the need to cut down on pollution, etc.

Many of these factors favour remanufacturing, and not just in Europe and North America. The rest of the world is also realising that resources are finite and there are better alternatives to discarding old products. China is the most prominent example - not only will it soon be one of the world’s largest markets for aftermarket/ replacement components but also because the Chinese government has decided to embrace remanufacturing as an entirely new philosophy. For remanufacturers, therefore, these are interesting and challenging times. I believe that you now have to start to look over the fence, geographically as well as in terms of other product/ sectors than automotive. Although “automotive” is probably the oldest reman segment, dating back to World War II or even before, it is not the only one.

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