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... the following APRA US video resumes and highlights the environmental and cost saving contributions of remanufacturing which are today as important as they where 10 years ago, when the video was produced.



The remanufacturing industry has helped save the worlds environment for over 50 years, it started to recycle products when „throw away“ was common practice.

Remanufacturing helps the environment in the following ways:



1 Energy Conservation is achieved because old parts are remanufactured instead of being remelted. The result is millions of barrels of oil or comparable forms of energy are saved. Remanufacturing gives products numerous lives instead of just o­ne. Studies done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA, point out that alone for remanufacturing of car starters this will result in annual savings in the USA of 30 millions litres of crude oil from steel manufacturing.
Studies by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, indicate that energy savings by remanufacturing worldwide in a year equals the electricity generated by 8 nuclear power plants or 10.7 millions of barrels of crude oil.


2 Raw materials are saved because of the numerous lives given to a product. Annually millions of tons of steel, aluminium, copper etc are saved because 90% of the material is recovered in remanufacturing. According to Fraunhofer Institute raw material saved worldwide by remanufacturing in a year,would fill 155.000 railroad cars forming a train 3.000 km long.

3 Landfills are spared from the dumping of millions of tons of material, since,by putting a value (core charge) o­n the old units, they are returned to the remanufacturer. If not enough old units are available then the rebuilder will buy used o­nes from car dismantling plants so that they can be remanufacured.

4 Air Pollution is reduced by reusing the old units. Iron ore melting, or re-smelting old material necessary for new units, is not required.

As people become more concerned about the environment we must seek public policies that will encourage more remanufacturing. There are enough societal benefits to justify such actions.


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