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History of Automotive Remanufacturing

Where do we come from?

  • In the USA, remanufacturing has existed since 1940
  • In the UK, Lucas introduced remanufacturing in 1940

During World War II there was a tremendous need to reuse automotive and truck parts. Natural resources were scarce, since much of them were devoted to to the war effort to build planes, ships, tanks, etc. Since the end of WW II remanufacturing has enjoyed steady growth in the US and later in Europe.

  • In Germany, Volkswagen started remanufacturing in 1947
  • In Europe, Bosch followed in the 1970s

Where are we today (in Europe)?

  • Remanufactured starters & generators have a market share of 80%
  • Other car components have a market share of about 50%
  • Remanufacturing is well established in Europe
  • Remanufacturing is supported by all original equipment component manufacturers

Where are we going (in Europe)?

  • In Eastern Europe: Remanufacturing emerged in the middle of the 90s and will continue to grow.
  • Southern Europe: After a slow start, remanufacturing will now continue to grow.
  • Remanufacturing for new products, like air conditioning compressors, steering & automatic transmissions, is now growing rapidly in Europe.
  • Electronics & mechatronics are on the horizon and are a future challenge for remanufacturers
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