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Relevant Literature for the Remanufacturing Industry
  1. Fernand J. Weiland (2016): "Make-New-Again"
  2. Fernand J. Weiland (2014): "Remanufacturing of Heavy Duty Vehicle Components - A Hidden Giant !"
  3. Fernand J. Weiland (2012): "European Automotive Remanufacturing - Technical Trends & Market Developments"
  4. Fernand J. Weiland: "Remanufacturing Automotive Mechatronics and Electronics"
  5. Rolf Steinhilper (1999): "Remanufacturing. The ultimate form of recycling.", IRB Verlag Stuttgart

New Book from Fernand J. Weiland available:

book-cover-make-new-again.jpg   This book can be ordered now via order form below. Costs are 20 € (plus 5 € shipping and handling).
Number of pages: 144

Fernand Weiland, the founder of the European Apra division, and currently member of the division’s board, has written numerous articles and edited three books about automotive remanufacturing in Europe. His current book is about opportunities for remanufacturing in other industrial sectors (like aviation, information technology, industry machinery, electronics etc.).

New Book  - Table of Contents

· Don’t throw away but Make-New-Again

  By Fernand J. Weiland

· Remanufacturing and the Changing Social and Political Landscape

  By Peter Bartel

· Remanufacturing Opportunities for Home Appliances

  By Regis Dando

· Remanufacturing and Circular Economy in the IT Industry

  By Klaus Hieronymi

· Medical Equipment – Make New Again

  By Michael Schmit and Tracey Fox

· Remanufacturing and the Environment

  By Erik Sundin

· Forklift Truck Remanufacturing

  By Erik Sundin and Anders Nielsen

Price of the book: Euro 20.-
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Fernand J. Weiland:
"Remanufacturing of Heavy Duty Vehicle Components - A Hidden Giant"

FJW_Book_III_Leaflet_Prospekt_2014.jpg     This book can be ordered now via order form below. Costs are 20 € (plus 5 € shipping and handling).
Number of pages: 180

„As remanufacturing has been one of the major thrusts of my professional live, I am pleased to recommend “European Remanufacturing of Heavy Duty Components” which provides excellent practical information from some of the professional in the field. As the world is recognizing the critical path of moving to more sustainable manufacturing practices, the importance of remanufacturing cannot be overlooked, and this book should be very good reading.”
Nabil Nasr, Ph.D. Associate Provost for Academic Affairs & Director, Golisano Institute for Sustainability Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester NY USA

“This book will be of great interest for remanufacturers mastering the know-how of heavy duty remanufacturing – which accounted for a considerable percentage of increase in the European remanufacturing market in recent years. Anyone understanding what remanufacturing development is and how it functions to bridge the technologies of today with tomorrow will see the positive impact on sustainability on our planet.”
Prof. Sheng Zhu, Director National Key Laboratory for Remanufacturing, Beijing, China

“When analyzing the automotive aftermarket we focus most of the time on passenger cars. It is hard to get qualified data about the Heavy Duty aftermarket which is a very important market segment for remanufactured products. Fernand and his team of co-authors did a great job by highlighting business opportunities for his market segment.”
Peter Bartel, Chairman of the European Division of APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association)

Table of Contents

Preface by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Steinhilper

European Remanufacturing of Heavy Duty vehicle components- A Hidden Giant?
By Fernand Weiland

Off Highway Transmissions and their place in Remanufacturing
By Mark Bowen

Remanufacturing HD Transmissions & HD Power Steering
By Giovanni Ricci

Heavy Duty Remanufacturing, a Book with seven seals
By Andre Niermann

Retreading/Remanufacturing Heavy Duty Tyres
By Stefano Carloni

Sustainability Improvement of Remanufacturing Operations
By Dipl.-Ing. Frank Kübler / Dr. eng. Paulina Golinska/ Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Hamacher
Remanufacturing Heavy Duty ABS Electronics
By Joseph Kripli

Mechatronic Remanufacturing at Knorr-Bremse Commercial Vehicle Systems
By Dr. Daniel Köhler & Frank Merwerth

European Remanufacturing of Components for Heavy Duty Applications
By Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bücker & Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Ortgies



Fernand J. Weiland:
"European Automotive Remanufacturing - Technical Trends & Market Development

Cover.jpg     Apra is proud to present the new book from Fernand J. Weiland, prefaced by Prof. Dr. Steinhilper, Bayreuth University!

This book can be ordered now via order form below. Costs are 20 € (plus 5 € shipping and handling). Number of pages: 165

Why editing a book?
You may think there are so many books around why another book? However if you look around and look for books about automotive remanufacturing I bet you, you will not find many if at all! Your next question may then be, but about what exactly is the book I have edited? Remanufacturing new technologies are in my view important, therefore I was very pleased and very fortunate to convince Stefan Freiberger and Alexander Nagel to write about the present and future of electronic car networking systems and Leon Kleine Staarman and Stef de Winter to write about car electronics. Their mission was to try to “demystify” these subjects! They have done an excellent job! Equally important for remanufacturers   are strategic subjects. I was very lucky to find in this context, experts like Daniel Köhler to explain how Remanufacturing supply chains help to save CO2 emissions and Edwin Tom to propose remanufacturing to extend l

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The NEW Book from
Fernand J. Weiland

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