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NEW MEMBER: A.3 Aprofitament Assessorament Ambiental, S.L. Spain

A.3 Aprofitament Assessorament Ambiental, S.L. Spain is welcomed as a new member of APRA Europe


A.3, S.L. is one of the most important recycling company in Spain. We buy/supply worldwide: Power Steering Racks, Power Steering Pumps, EPS, Water Pumps, Injection Pumps, Steering Racks, Common-Rail Pumps, Catalytic converters, Used batteries, others ...

We’re a very large Spanish scrap Enterprise with a division of refining precious metals from E-waste and Catalytic converters.

We’ve started a new activity buying automotive used parts to our clients.

We serve a lot of material each month to our clients, some of them are Apra members. We’re continually searching for better enterprises to serve our materials.

We want to have phone/mail contact with the person who buy cores in your enterprise. If you want, he/she can come to our plant in Granollers (Barcelona) – Spain.

The most important to us is to know your buying criteria and payment terms to can establish a business relation with your enterprise.

Our next step is become and Apra member, and we’re studying to go to Rematec USA Show in Las Vegas and sure we’ll go to Rematec 2015 in Amsterdam, otherwise it’ll be great.

As a quick introduction, we are located in Granollers (Barcelona ), and we are primarily engaged in the purchase of metals , batteries, WEEE and Catalysts on nationwide.

Another of our private group is engaged in the purchase and recovery of precious metals.

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