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NEW MEMBER: GMY ATCO Mühendislik LTD. STI. Turkey

GMY ATCO Mühendislik LTD. STI. Turkey is welcomed as a new member of APRA Europe


GMY ATCO is the new brand of Turkish Engine Remanufacturers for transmission remanufacturing. Established in 2006, GMY is one of the leading engine rebuilders associations in Europe, having 45 members in 31 different cities, rebuilding 120.000 engines annually.

Located in İstanbul, the ATCO brand will be fully dedicated to the business of manual and automatic transmission remanufacturing. Powered by one of the most sophisticated dynos of Superflow, ATCO is one of the only companies in the world that can fully test mechatronic transmissions with the help of prize winner ATP’s Test Cube. With the state of the art machine shop, ATCO has the ability to remanufacture almost all types of transmissions and torque converters for the automobile industry.

The objective of ATCO for the next coming years is to establish long term business relationships with all suppliers and customers. Therefore, we invite all interested parties for cooperation.

For further information please visit our member profile and click here ...

The following pictures (please click to enlarge) give you the insight into our company and products.

GMY_Atco_Turkey_4.jpg  GMY_Atco_Turkey_5.jpg  GMY_Atco_Turkey_6.jpg

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