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For Coredealers: Business possibilities with China/ Interested to host a visit of a Chinese delegation?

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The Chinese Automotive Recycler Association (CRRA*) represented by its President Mr. Luo Jianfu is visiting Europe with a delegation of government employees, remanufacturers and recyclers and would like to visit in Europe Automotive Recyclers.

We know Mr. Luo because he has co-operated to our Chinese meetings in the past. The delegation will include 10 persons and are travelling from August 8 to August 18.

It is for European APRA members an opportunity to discuss business here and in China.

If you are interested to host a visit, please let us know.

Thank you so much.

Your APRA Europe team

*Information on CRRA:

China National Resources Recycling Association (CRRA) was founded in 1993 voluntarily by professional companies (groups), industrial mining enterprises as well as relevant scientific, educational, social groups and individuals. The organization's mission is to establish, strengthen and coordinate the relationship among recyclers in ferrous, nonferrous, used mechanical, electronic products, paper, plastics and tyre industry as well as the relationship among the recycling industry, government agencies and society. CRRA welcomes both domestic and foreign traders who engage in these fields and provides the best cooperative information about the waste material processing, technical cooperation, material trade and investment in China’s recycling fields.

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