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Steinhilper Honoured as the 2016 Remanufacturer of the Year

ROTY2016.jpgProfessor Rolf Steinhilper (member of the board of Apra Europe) is without a doubt one of the top global academic leaders in remanufacturing today. Since 2001, Professor Steinhilper has been instrumental in the advancement of remanufacturing research at the University Institute on Manufacturing & Remanufacturing and the Fraunhofer Initiative on Process Innovation. “Rolf’s work has contributed significantly to the international reputation of remanufacturing in the political, industrial and academic world,” said Fernand Weiland, former APRA Europe Chairman.

Rolf Steinhilper was recently honoured during a ceremony at the 2016 Big R – ReMaTec Show in Las Vegas with the prestigious ReMaTec News Award for his outstanding achievements in the field of remanufacturing. “This award,” Steinhilper said, “represents the peak of my career in remanufacturing, which started back in 1982 when I was a young engineer asked to speak at a pioneering conference at the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I was the only participant from Europe invited to make a presentation on design for remanufacturing. My talk was entitled ‘Remanufacturing - Remaking the Future’.”
Congratulations to Rolf Steinhilper upon receiving this most distinguished and deserved award. His academic contributions and social responsibility continue to advance the case for remanufacturing around the world.

For more information please visit https://apra.org/?page=RemanConnection (Edition November 2016)

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