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French legislators are taking the lead for imposing the reusing of automotive spare parts

Segolene_Royal-wikipedia-Meeting_Royal_2007_02_06_n8.jpgUntil recently the perception was sometime that remanufacturers don’t get the support of politicians, but APRA was very pleased to learn that the French Minister of Environment and President of COP 21, Ségolène Royal, had issued a decree imposing the reuse of automotive components. Congratulations! This is the first practical legal resolution to promote the reuse of spare parts for the repair of vehicles in Europe. Decree 703 stipulates that French garages or repair shops must propose an alternative to new parts to the motorist or car owner. In other words, parts coming from the circular economy like remanufactured parts are now being promoted to the public as a viable option.

In France remanufactured parts are called “Échange Standard.” Remanufactured parts are well established in Europe and we don’t have to tell you that they are as good as new.

Our hope is for other European legislators to follow the French example. European Union Directives are already in place to for recycling (shredding) products but not for remanufactured parts. The question is, if we can impose quotas for recycling why can’t we impose quotas for remanufacturing or reusing products? If you think imposing regulations is counterproductive, but putting pressure on the system can create new innovation, making the reuse of products more predominant.

For more information please visit https://apra.org/?page=RemanConnection (Edition December 2016)

picture source: Marie-Lan Nguyen (User:Jastrow) - "Eigenes Werk" via Wikipedia; licensed: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5

picture titel: Ségolène Royal at a meeting held on Feb. 6, 2007 by the French Socialist Party at the Carpentier Hall in Paris.

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