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APRA presents new services for members @ ReMaTec 2013 in Amsterdam

Coesfeld, GERMANY, July 4th, 2013

APRA introduced new member services to its members and held attractive events during ReMaTec in Amsterdam from 16th - 18th of June, 2013. Many remanufacturing players joined APRA as new member. A lot of visitors stopped by at APRAs booth.


RCS_KeyVisual_web.jpgAPRA presented and highlighted the many advantages offered to its members. The exciting new Remanufacturing Consultant Service (RCS) will be available exclusively to APRA members. This extranet database application provides information about remanufacturing specialist consultants in a variety of different segments. Many interested members who visited the APRA booth had their first peek at this extremely practical and convenient new service.

apra_logo_enterprise_group_V2_NEU_RGB.jpgAPRA presented the ideas for a new service at a successful kick-off-meeting with major global acting remanufacturing participants. The Remanufacturing Enterprise Group (REG) will become a service for large and global acting automotive remanufacturing companies. All invited companies have many similar requirements and expectations for their global remanufacturing business strategies. APRA is going to centralize projects and fulfill the requirements for participating “REG”-members. Read more about this service on our website and click here ...


The first CORE dinner event specifically organized for CORE suppliers and buyers (called “COREpa Cabana”) took place right next to the exhibition area at StrandZuid on Monday evening (June 17th, 2013). It was a huge success. 80 APRA members participated. Cold drinks, tasty food and exotic Brazilian entertainment were included. Participating CORE professionals were busy networking with each other. COREpa Cabana was so well received that it is going to become an annual APRA CORE event.

The ReMaTec 2013 was a resounding success for APRA.


General information about APRA

The remanufacturing industry of automotive parts is organized through a global association called APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) with more than 2,000 member companies.

The objective of this association is to promote the general business interests of the remanufacturing industry and foster the spirit of urban mining for a better environment. It also provides members with forums, exhibitions and workshops to interact and consult with each other on issues affecting the entire industry.
The development of the remanufacturing business is influenced through European legislation. APRA is actively promoting the unique advantages of remanufacturing and is an association which is an organizing partner of the “ReMaTec”-exhibition.
Remanufacturing increases environmental sustainability, reduces CO2 emissions, saves raw materials, creates employment in Europe, and significantly lowers costs for the end user.

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