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Definitions of Remanufacturing
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Remanufactured parts:
Compared to new units they are not o­nly more economical, but significantly contribute to bettering the worlds‘ environment. Compared to repaired and used parts they are in many respects far superior in quality and availability. Remanufactured units are simply the best choice.

New parts:
New units are a good but not necessarily the economic best choice for a replacement of the defective part. They are too expensive for a car which is itself not new when it needs service. This is not the most cost effective repair. Technically speaking new parts are an excellent choice but economically and environmentally not the best buy.

[picture: remanufactured air conditioning compressors]

Repaired parts:
Essentially it means that the customer’s defective part was worked o­n enough in order to function again, but it had not been completely rebuilt. Because often it has not been fully disassembled and because not all components have been fully inspected and rectified, another problem may soon arise. It is an environmentally friendly and possibly a short term economic alternative but not without risks to the buyer.

Used parts:
This is a part which has been subjected to previous use, nothing has been done to correct any potential problem it might have. Its life expectancy and degree of serviceability are unknown. In certain cases it may be unsafe to fit used parts. Used parts are generally not so easily available.

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