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Definitions of Remanufacturing
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A properly remanufactured automotive part is the functional equivalent of a new part and is most of the time virtually indistinguishable from a new o­ne. Remanufactured parts allow you to save money, because customarily the price is approx. o­nly 60% of a new unit. This level is achieved by the material and energy savings realised in the Remanufacturing process.

[picture: remanufactured steering pumps and steering rack]

Remanufactured parts are readily available from Wholesalers and retailers of automotive spare parts, at competitive terms and including warranty as for new units. A remanufactured part will cause no delay in servicing cars, it will fit exactly as a new unit. For older car models they are essential to proper maintenance because new units may not be available any longer.

Compared to repaired parts, which essentially means make it o­nly operational again, remanufactured parts which are fully rebuilt, save you potential further problems. Another alternative is to fit used parts, which have been removed from a scrap vehicle, and resold with little or no work o­n it. Here again a remanufactured part will save you further potential problems. Repair or used parts are alternatives to a remanufactured or new unit, but if a car is to be put back o­n the road reliably, these alternatives are simply not good value for money. Imagine the cost and the hassle from a second break down if the replacement unit fails again.

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